Otoroshi plugins system

Otoroshi includes several extension points that allows you to create your own plugins and support stuff not supported by default.

Kind of available plugins

Request Sink

Used when no services are matched in Otoroshi. Can reply with any content.

Pre routing

Used to extract values (like custom apikeys) and provide them to other plugins or Otoroshi engine

Access Validator

Used to validate if a request can pass or not based on whatever you want

Request Transformer

Used to transform request, responses and their body. Can be used to return arbitrary content

Event listener

Any plugin type can listen to Otoroshi internal events and react to thems


Tasks that can run automatically once, on be scheduled with a cron expression or every defined interval


Used to export events and Otoroshi alerts to an external source

Request handler

Used to handle traffic without passing through Otoroshi routing and apply own rules

Nano app

Used to write an api directly in Otoroshi in Scala language