Service groups

A service group is composed of an unique id, a Group name, a Group description, an Organization and a Team. As all Otoroshi resources, a service group have a list of tags and metadata associated.

The first instinctive usage of service group is to group a list of services.

When it’s done, you can authorize an api key on a specific group. Instead of authorize an api key for each service, you can regroup a list of services together, and give authorization on the group (read the page on the api keys and the usage of the Authorized on. field).

Access to the list of service groups

To visualize and edit the list of groups, you can navigate to your instance on the https://otoroshi.xxxxx/bo/dashboard/groups route or click on the cog icon and select the Service groups button.

Once on the page, you can create a new item, edit an existing service group or delete an existing one.

When a service group is deleted, the resources associated are not deleted. On the other hand, the service group of associated resources is let empty.