Send alerts using mailgun

All Otoroshi alerts can be send on different channels. One of the ways is to send a group of specific alerts via emails.

To enable this behaviour, let’s start by create an exporter of events.

In this tutorial, we will admit that you already have a mailgun account with an API key and a domain.

Create an Mailgun exporter

Let’s create an exporter. The exporter will export by default all events generated by Otoroshi.

  1. Go ahead, and navigate to
  2. Click on the cog icon on the top right
  3. Then Exporters button
  4. And add a new configuration when clicking on the Add item button
  5. Select the mailer in the type selector field
  6. Jump to Exporter config and select the Mailgun option
  7. Set the following values:
  • EU : false/true depending on your mailgun configuratin
  • Mailgun api key : your-mailgun-api-key
  • Mailgun domain : your-mailgun-domain
  • Email addresses : list of the recipient adresses

With this configuration, all Otoroshi events will be send to your listed addresses (we don’t recommended to do that).

To filter events on Alerts type, we need to add the following configuration inside the Filtering and projection section (if you want to deep learn about this section, read this part).

    "include": [
        { "@type": "AlertEvent" }
    "exclude": []

Save at the bottom page and enable the exporter (on the top of the page or in list of exporters). We will need to wait few seconds to receive the first alerts.

The projection field can be useful in the case you want to filter the fields contained in each alert sent.

The Projection field is a json where you can list the fields to keep for each alert.

 "@type": true,
 "@timestamp": true,
 "@id": true

With this example, only @type, @timestamp and @id will be sent to the addresses of your recipients.