About Nio

At the beginning of 2017, we had the need to create a new environment to be able to create new “digital” products very quickly in an agile fashion at MAIF. We naturally turned to PaaS solutions and chose the excellent Clever-Cloud product to run our apps.

We also chose that every feature team will have the freedom to choose its own technological stack to build its product. It was a nice move but it has also introduced some challenges in terms of homogeneity for traceability, security, logging, …

We soon thought that it was very strategic to build a service that could handle all privacy matters exactly the way we would provide any kind of service. That is how Nio was born !


Every OSS product build at MAIF like Otoroshi and Izanami follows a common philosophy :

  • the services or API provided should be technology agnostic.
  • http first: http is the right answer to the previous quote
  • api First: The UI is just another client of the api.
  • secured: The services exposed need authentication for both humans or machines
  • event based: The services should expose a way to get notified of what happened inside.