• api
  • management
  • on top of a
  • reverse
  • proxy

Otoroshi is a layer of lightweight api management on top of a modern http reverse proxy written in Scala and developped by the MAIF OSS team. Otoroshi is designed to handle all the calls to and between your microservices without service locator and let you change configuration dynamicaly at runtime.


  • Gorgeous React admin UI
  • Rest admin API
  • Event-Driven
  • Live reconfiguration at runtime
  • Circuit breakers, retry, canary mode
  • Round Robin loadbalancing, healthcheck
  • Throttling and quotas per ApiKey
  • Metrics (Rest, Datadog, Statd)
  • Advanced Clever-Cloud integration
  • Multi-datastores support
  • Official docker image
  • Available as single jar file

easy to configure

No config files, gorgeous admin UI, slick admin API. Live reconfiguration at runtime

high productivity

Freedom to chose your own stack, no library needed. Route and secure microservices in matter of seconds and accelerate your time to market