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  • A/B testing
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Izanami is a shared configuration, feature flipping and A/B testing service perfectly well suited for micro services environments written in scala and developed by the MAIF OSS team.
Izanami provides a friendly UI for non-tech users as well as an HTTP REST API which you can call using your favorite language.

Izanami also provides first class integration : Java, Scala, Node and React and CLI clients are available to integrate Izanami easily with your applications.

"I would love to have such a tool" Obiwan Kenobi


  • Shared configuration
  • Feature flipping
    • Easy to implement toggling rules
    • Activation strategy : by date, by script
  • A/B testing
    • Real time conversion rate statistics to evaluate A/B testing
  • Simple UI and/or API driven
  • Scalable
  • Real time event publication
    • Webhooks
    • Server sent events
  • Dedicated clients
    • Java, Scala, Node and React and CLI
  • Multi-datastores support
    • Redis
    • LevelDB
    • In-memory
    • Elastic search
    • more to come
  • Multi event-stores support
    • redis
    • kafka
    • akka distributed pub sub
  • Advandced Clever-Cloud integration
  • Advandced Otoroshi integration
  • Made with love

shared configuration

Enable live config modification across your micro services

feature flipping

Feature flipping as simple as it needs to be with toggling UI

A/B testing

A/B testing, to compare effectively UX/UI/Feature efficiency