Manage Organisations

The organisation is a logical entity, as for example Maif, Altima … Groups can be defined in an organisation, as for example within the Maif organisation one can have a Maif group and a Maif partner group. Permissions are defined for each of these groups (for example contact by e-mail, phone …) Version management is done in draft or publication.The draft version can be published, so it will become non-modifiable but a new draft version will be created.

New organisation

Creation of a new organisation by specifying the different desired permissions by grouping them together.


Retrieving the list of known organisations either by taking the latest version published for this organisation or by taking the draft version.

Edit organisation draft

Retrieving the draft for a given organisation. Note, if an organisation exists it necessarily has a draft version available.

Released a new organisation version

Publication of the current draft version of the organisation. This will publish a draft, create a new draft from the published version by incrementing the draft version for the next release.

Manage offers on organisation

The notion of offer corresponds to the addition of specific permissions to an application on a given organisation.