Wasmo Docs

Wasmo Overview

This section provides detailed documentation for working with Wasmo.

Wasmo is combined tool (Builder and CLI) for creating and building from scrach your WASM binaries with a simple Docker container. WebAssembly (WASM) is a simple machine model and executable format with an extensive specification. It is designed to be portable, compact, and execute at or near native speeds.

Wasmo is strongly linked to Extism and all plugins built with Wasmo will be only executable with an Existm runtime.

Our Wasmo documentation is broken down into app:

Wasmo Builder

A tool for building WebAssembly binaries.

The builder is a tool for creating, editing and building your code to WASM binaries. It supports the creation and edition in a built-in UI.

Wasmo CLI

A tool for creating and leading WebAssembly building.

The CLI is a tool to leading from your terminal the creation of WASM binaries. It comes with its own documentation, available in the cli directory of this project.