Wasmo Docs

Configure your configuration file

wasmo config get
wasmo config reset
wasmo config set <key>=<value>

Note: This command is unaware of workspaces.


wasmo gets its config from the command line, environment variables, .wasmo files, and in some cases, directly from the build command.

The wasmo config command can be used to update and edit the contents of the user and global wasmo files.



wasmo config set <key>=<value>

Sets each of the config keys to the value provided.

If value is omitted, then it sets it to an empty string.

The available keys are:

  • path: configure the path where the wasmo configuration will be stored
  • server: the Wasmo server to build your plugins (an URL format value is expected)
  • clientId: the client id used in Basic and Otoroshi Auth
  • clientSecret: the client secret used in Basic and Otoroshi Auth

You can also edit the configuration file manually. In this case, the following values are :

  • path = WASMO_PATH
  • server = WASMO_SERVER


wasmo config get

Show all the config settings.


wasmo config get

Reset the configuration file with the default settings. The custom user .wasmo files will not be deleted.