Wasmo Docs

Core commands

The wasmo CLI internally contains a number of subcommands for working with wasm modules:

wasmo config set

Globally configure the CLI with the path where the configuration file will be stored and the server to reach during the build. These parameters are optional and can be passed when running the build command. |

wasmo config get

Get the configuration from the configured path file or from $HOME/.wasmo |

wasmo config reset

Clean configuration and reset to default settings. The default file path configuration will be $HOME/.wasmo ||

wasmo init

Initialize a WASM plugin to the specific path. You can choose between many templates, javascript/typescript (js/ts), Open Policy Agent (opa), Rust or Golang (go). |

wasmo build

Build the plugin by sending the contents to the remote or local Wasmo server. As soon as the build is complete, the WASM binary is donwloaded and saved in the plugin folder. |