Wasmo Docs

User Interface

Wasmo Build comes with its own interface. The flow wasn design to be simple. It's about creating and editing plugins.

The sidebar contains:

  • the deployed version of your Wasmo Builder

  • a button named Plugins to create a new plugin

  • the sorted list of your plugins by language

When you have clicked on a plugin in the list, the sidebar changes to the Plugin view.

Plugin View

The plugin view contains:

  • a button named Plugins to create a new plugin

  • a button named Change current plugin to get back the list of plugins

  • the list of your plugin files (refer to this section to learn about it)

  • a button named Remove <plugin> to safely remove your current plugin

Actions in the navigation bar

Ath the top right of the screen, you should notice four actions:

  • Save icon to save your current edit on files

  • Hammer icon to create a development version of your plugin

  • Rocket icon to create a final version of your plugin

  • Download icon to download the source code of your plugin


The terminal is a read-only view to get build logs during the building process.