• API developer portal
  • for Otoroshi

Daikoku is the API developer portal made for Otoroshi written in Scala and developped by the MAIF OSS team. Daikoku was designed to manage your APIs with customizable plans and self-service usage.


  • Self-service, moderated or adminstrated API keys supply
  • Multiple plans management
  • Monetization
  • API Documentation
  • Evaluation console
  • Fully customizable pages
  • Multiple envs support
  • Gorgeous admin UI
  • Rest admin API
  • Event-Driven
  • Official docker image
  • Available as single jar file

Share Your APIs

Now you manage your APIs with Otoroshi to have them secured and controlled, it's time to share it with other people, wether you want them to belong to your neighborhood or even to the rest of the world.


Power-up your productivity (for public and private APIs) with a self-service portal. API keys can be provided automatically or in a moderated fashion or even manually, you decide finely, to the granularity of the plan.

Business orientation

While Otoroshi is perfect for technical monitoring, Daikoku will be the proper tool for API business monitoring.