All the settings


Izanami is written with play and akka. You can fin additional configuration information here

Plays settings

Config property Env variable Description Default value
play.http.secret.key APPLICATION_SECRET A token to sign cookies izanamiSecret
http.port HTTP_PORT The port used 9000
play.http.context APPLICATION_BASE_URL The context used /


Here, you can find settings about the event store configuration.

Config property Env variable Description Default value
izanami.mode IZANAMI_MODE Use dev when developing. Could be prod or dev prod IZANAMI_EVENT_STORE Type of the event store. Could be InMemory, Kafka, Redis, Distributed. InMemory DISTRIBUTED_TOPIC Name of the topic when izanami REDIS_TOPIC Name of the topic when izanami:events KAFKA_TOPIC Name of the topic when izanami
izanami.cluster.seed-node-host AKKA_CLUSTER SEED_NODE_HOST The host of the seed used to form a cluster
izanami.cluster.seed-node-port AKKA_CLUSTER SEED_NODE_PORT The port of the seed used to form a cluster 2551
izanami.cluster.akka.remote.netty.tcp.hostname AKKA_CLUSTER_HOST The host of the current node
izanami.cluster.akka.remote.netty.tcp.port AKKA_CLUSTER_PORT The port of the current node
izanami.cluster.akka.remote.netty.tcp.bind-hostname AKKA_CLUSTER_HOST The internal host of the current node (eg docker)
izanami.cluster.akka.remote.netty.tcp.bind-port AKKA_CLUSTER_BIND_PORT The internal port of the current node (eg docker) ${cluster.akka.remote.netty.tcp.port}
izanami.cluster.akka.cluster.seed-nodes AKKA_CLUSTER_SEED_NODES An array of seeds ["akka.tcp://"${cluster.system-name}"@"${izanami.cluster.seed-node-host}":"${izanami.cluster.seed-node-port}]

The distributed event store rely on akka cluster and akka distributed pub/sub. You can find more information here

Db config

Here, you can find the settings to configure the different data stores.

Config property Env variable Description Default value
izanami.db.default IZANAMI_DATABASE Type of the default datastore. Could be InMemory, LevelDb, Redis, Cassandra, Elastic. LevelDb
izanami.db.leveldb.parentPath LEVEL_DB_PARENT_PATH The root folder when data are stored by level db target/leveldb CASSANDRA_HOST The host name of the cassandra server localhost
izanami.db.cassandra.port CASSANDRA_PORT The port of the cassandra server 9042
izanami.db.cassandra.addresses CASSANDRA_HOSTS_AND_PORTS An array of host and port [${}":"${izanami.db.cassandra.port}]
izanami.db.cassandra.replicationFactor CASSANDRA_REPLICATION_FACTOR The replication factor for the data 1
izanami.db.cassandra.keyspace CASSANDRA_KEYSPACE the name of the keyspace for datas izanami REDIS_HOST The host of the redis server localhost
izanami.db.redis.port REDIS_PORT The port of the redis server 6379
izanami.db.redis.masterId REDIS_MASTER_ID The id of the master in a sentinel context redismaster
izanami.db.redis.password REDIS_PASSWORD The password for the redis server
izanami.db.redis.sentinels An array of redis config for slaves. For example: izanami.db.redis.sentinels=[{ host = localhost, port = 6380 }]
izanami.db.redis.databaseId REDIS_DATABASE_ID the id of the redis database.
izanami.db.mongo.url MONGODB_ADDON_URI the url of the mongo database. KAFKA_HOST The host of the kafka server localhost
izanami.db.kafka.port KAFKA_PORT The port of the kafka server 9092
izanami.db.kafka.servers KAFKA_HOSTS_AND_PORTS A string with host and port separated by ‘,’ ${}":"${izanami.db.kafka.port}
izanami.db.kafka.keyPass KAFKA_PASSWORD The password for ssl certificate
izanami.db.kafka.keystore.location KAFKA_KEYSTORE_LOCATION The absolute location of the keystore if ssl is used
izanami.db.kafka.truststore.location KAFKA_TRUSTORE_LOCATION The absolute location of the truststore,if ssl is used ELASTIC_HOST The host of the elastic server
izanami.db.elastic.port ELASTIC_PORT The port of the elastic server 9200
izanami.db.elastic.scheme ELASTIC_SCHEME The scheme used for the elastic server http
izanami.db.elastic.user ELASTIC_USER The user if elastic is secured
izanami.db.elastic.password ELASTIC_PASSWORD The password if elastic is secured
izanami.db.elastic.automaticRefresh Force refresh on each insert, update or delete. For dev only false
izanami.db.inMemoryWithDb.db IN_MEMORY_WITH_DB_DB The underlying store behind the cache LevelDB
izanami.db.inMemoryWithDb.pollingInterval IN_MEMORY_WITH_DB_POLLING_INTERVAL The interval used to refresh the from the underlying store
izanami.db.dynamo.tableName DYNAMO_TABLE_NAME The name of the AWS DynamoDB table izanami
izanami.db.dynamo.eventsTableName DYNAMO_EVENTS_TABLE_NAME The name of the AWS DynamoDB table for A/B testing events izanami_experimentevents
izanami.db.dynamo.region DYNAMO_REGION The AWS region eu-west-1 DYNAMO_HOST The AWS host "dynamodb."${izanami.db.dynamo.region}""
izanami.db.dynamo.port DYNAMO_PORT The AWS port, https is used as default scheme 443
izanami.db.dynamo.parallelism DYNAMO_PARRALLELISM Max number of in flight requests from the AwsClient - must be a power of 2 32
izanami.db.dynamo.accessKey DYNAMO_ACCESS_KEY Optional Credentials. Used to define static credentials rather than use the DefaultAWSCredentialsProviderChain
izanami.db.dynamo.secretKey DYNAMO_SECRET_KEY Optional Credentials. Used to define static credentials rather than use the DefaultAWSCredentialsProviderChain
izanami.db.postgresql.url JDBC_DATABASE_URL The postgresql url
izanami.db.postgresql.username POSTGRESQL_USER The postgresql username
izanami.db.postgresql.password POSTGRESQL_PASSWORD The postgresql password
izanami.db.postgresql.connectionPoolSize POSTGRESQL_CONNECTION_POOL_SIZE The postgresql poolsize 32

Threads configuration

Config property Env variable Description Default value
izanami.script-dispatcher.thread-pool-executor.fixed-pool-size SCRIPT_EXECUTION_POOLSIZE The size of the threapool to execute scripts with nashorn 32
izanami.level-db-dispatcher.thread-pool-executor.fixed-pool-size LEVEL_DB_POOLSIZE The size of the threapool for leveldb blocking calls. 1


Here, you can find the settings to configure the security filter.

Config property Env variable Description Default value
izanami.filter.type IZANAMI_FILTER_TYPE The type of the http filter used for security and identification. Izanami provide first class support for Otoroshi reverse proxy so you can set to Otoroshi if you already work with that product. Could be Default or Otoroshi. Default
izanami.filter.otoroshi.sharedKey CLAIM_SHAREDKEY Shared key used to encrypt jwt token none
izanami.filter.otoroshi.headerClaim FILTER_CLAIM_HEADER_NAME The name of the claim header Otoroshi-Claim
izanami.filter.otoroshi.headerRequestId FILTER_REQUEST_ID_HEADER_NAME The name of the requestId header Otoroshi-Request-Id
izanami.filter.otoroshi.headerGatewayState FILTER_GATEWAY_STATE HEADER_NAME The name of the state header Otoroshi-State
izanami.filter.otoroshi.headerGatewayStateResp FILTER_GATEWAY_STATE RESP_HEADER_NAME The name of the state resp header Otoroshi-State-Resp
izanami.filter.default.sharedKey FILTER_CLAIM_SHAREDKEY The shared key used to encrypt jwt token. It should be the same value between each Izanami nodes in case of a cluster. none
izanami.filter.default.cookieClaim FILTER_COOKIE_NAME The name of the cookie used to store the user session. Izanami
izanami.filter.default.issuer FILTER_ISSUER The issuer for jwt token Izanami
izanami.filter.default.apiKeys.headerClientId FILTER_CLAIM_HEADER_CLIENT_ID_NAME The name of the header for clientId Izanami-Client-Id
izanami.filter.default.apiKeys.headerClientSecret FILTER_CLAIM_HEADER_CLIENT_SECRET_NAME The name of the header of clientSecret Izanami-Client-Secret
izanami.filter.default.allowedPaths FILTER_EXLUSION A list of endpoint that pass the security filter. The env variable allow to add on more exclusion
izanami.logout.url LOGOUT_URL The logout url /api/logout


Config property Env variable Description Default value
izanami.config.db.type CONFIG_DATABASE The db used to store configs ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.config.db.conf.namespace CONFIG_NAMESPACE The namespace used for configs izanami:configuration
izanami.features.db.type FEATURE_DATABASE The db used to store features ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.features.db.conf.namespace FEATURE_NAMESPACE The namespace used for features izanami:features
izanami.globalScript.db.type SCRIPT_DATABASE The db used to store scripts ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.globalScript.db.conf.namespace SCRIPT_NAMESPACE The namespace used for scripts izanami:globalscripts
izanami.experiment.db.type EXPERIMENT_DATABASE The db used to store experiments ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.experiment.db.conf.namespace EXPERIMENT_NAMESPACE The namespace used for experiments izanami:experiment
izanami.variantBinding.db.type EXPERIMENT_VARIANT BINDING_DATABASE The db used to store variant bindings ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.variantBinding.db.conf.namespace EXPERIMENT_VARIANT BINDING_NAMESPACE The namespace used for variant bindings izanami:variantbinding
izanami.experimentEvent.db.type EXPERIMENT_EVENT DATABASE The db used to store experiment events ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.experimentEvent.db.conf.namespace EXPERIMENT_EVENT NAMESPACE The namespace used for experiment events izanami:experimentevent
izanami.webhook.db.type WEBHOOK_DATABASE The db used to store webhooks ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.webhook.db.conf.namespace WEBHOOK_NAMESPACE The namespace used for webhooks izanami:webhook
izanami.user.db.type USER_DATABASE The db used to store users ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.user.db.conf.namespace USER_NAMESPACE The namespace used for users izanami:user
izanami.user.initialize.userId INITIAL_USER_ID The login to use for the first connection admin
izanami.user.initialize.password INITIAL_USER_PASSWORD The password to use for the first connection admin123
izanami.apikey.db.type APIKEY_DATABASE The db used to store api keys ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.apikey.db.conf.namespace APIKEY_NAMESPACE The namespace used for api keys izanami:apikey
izanami.apikey.initialize.clientId INITIAL_APIKEY_CLIENT_ID A client id used from config
izanami.apikey.initialize.clientSecret INITIAL_APIKEY_CLIENT_SECRET A client secret used from config
izanami.apikey.initialize.authorizedPatterns INITIAL_APIKEY_AUTHORIZED_PATTERN A pattern used from config
izanami.patch.db.type PATCH_DATABASE The db used to store patchs ${izanami.db.default}
izanami.patch.db.conf.namespace PATCH_NAMESPACE The namespace used for patchs izanami:patchs


Config property Env variable Description Default value
izanami.metrics.verbose METRICS_VERBOSE If true, additional metrics are provided (detailed about endpoint) false
izanami.metrics.includeCount METRICS_COUNT If true, the count for features, config, experiments, user, webhook will be visible in the metrics false
izanami.metrics.refresh METRICS_COUNT_REFRESH_INTERVAL the refresh interval for count metrics (used by console and log) 5 minutes
izanami.metrics.console.enabled METRICS_CONSOLE_ENABLED If true, metrics are logged in the console false
izanami.metrics.console.interval METRICS_CONSOLE_INTERVAL interval of the logged metrics 5 minutes
izanami.metrics.log.enabled METRICS_LOG_ENABLED If true, metrics are logged with slf4j false
izanami.metrics.log.interval METRICS_LOG_INTERVAL interval of the logged metrics 5 minutes
izanami.metrics.http.defaultFormat METRICS_HTTP_FORMAT The default format for http endpoint: json or prometheus json
izanami.metrics.kafka.enabled METRICS_KAFKA_ENABLED If true, metrics are logged in kafka false
izanami.metrics.kafka.topic METRICS_KAFKA_TOPIC The kafka topic izanami-metrics
izanami.metrics.kafka.pushInterval METRICS_KAFKA_INTERVAL The logging rate 30 seconds
izanami.metrics.kafka.format METRICS_KAFKA_FORMAT The namespace used for experiments json
izanami.metrics.elastic.enabled METRICS_ELASTIC_ENABLED If true, metrics are logged in elastic false
izanami.metrics.elastic.index METRICS_ELASTIC_INDEX The namespace used for variant bindings 'izanami-metrics-'yyyy-MM-dd
izanami.metrics.elastic.pushInterval METRICS_ELASTIC_INTERVAL The db used to store experiment events 30 seconds


Config property Env variable Description
izanami.oauth2.enabled OAUTH2_ENABLED Enable this config
izanami.oauth2.authorizeUrl OAUTH2_AUTHORIZE_URL Oauth2 authorization url
izanami.oauth2.tokenUrl OAUTH2_TOKEN_URL Oauth2 token url
izanami.oauth2.userInfoUrl OAUTH2_USER_INFO_URL Oauth2 user info url
izanami.oauth2.introspectionUrl OAUTH2_INTROSPECTION_URL Oauth2 introspection url
izanami.oauth2.loginUrl OAUTH2_LOGIN_URL Oauth2 login url
izanami.oauth2.logoutUrl OAUTH2_LOGOUT_URL Oauth2 logout url
izanami.oauth2.clientId OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID Oauth2 client id
izanami.oauth2.clientSecret OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET Oauth2 secret if provided
izanami.oauth2.scope OAUTH2_SCOPE Oauth2 scope of the requested user info
izanami.oauth2.readProfileFromToken OAUTH2_READ_FROM_TOKEN Should the user be read from token
izanami.oauth2.useCookie OAUTH2_USE_COOKIE Pass desc as query param
izanami.oauth2.useJson OAUTH2_USE_JSON Use json or form to post data to the server
izanami.oauth2.idField OAUTH2_ID_FIELD the path in the token to access the user id field (required field)
izanami.oauth2.accessTokenField OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN_FIELD the path in the token to access the access token field (required field)
izanami.oauth2.nameField OAUTH2_NAME_FIELD the path in the token to access the user name field (required field)
izanami.oauth2.emailField OAUTH2_EMAIL_FIELD the path in the token to access the user email field (optional field)
izanami.oauth2.adminField OAUTH2_ADMIN_FIELD the path in the token to access the user admin field (a boolean, false if empty)
izanami.oauth2.authorizedPatternField OAUTH2_AUTHORIZED_PATTERN_FIELD the path in the token to access the user authorizedPatternField field
izanami.oauth2.defaultPatterns OAUTH2_DEFAULT_PATTERN the default patterns if authorizedPatternField is missing
izanami.oauth2.izanamiManagedUser OAUTH2_IZANAMI_MANAGED_USERS true to manage Oauth users in Izanami
izanami.oauth2.admins OAUTH2_ADMINS_1 to OAUTH2_ADMINS_5 ids of users that are admin
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.enabled OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_ENABLED Enable jwt verification
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.type OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_TYPE One of hs, es, rsa, jwks
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.size OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_RSA_SIZE Size of rsa 256, 384, 512s
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.size OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_HS_SIZE Size of hs 256, 384, 512
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.size OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_ES_SIZE Size of es 256, 384, 512
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.secret OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_HS_SECRET Hs secret
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.publicKey OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_RSA_PUBLIC_KEY Rsa public key
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.publicKey OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_ES_PUBLIC_KEY ES public key
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.privateKey OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_RSA_PRIVATE_KEY RSA private key
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.privateKey OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_ES_PRIVATE_KEY ES private key
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.url OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_JWKS_URL JWKS url
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.headers OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_JWKS_HEADERS JWKS headers
izanami.oauth2.jwtVerifier.timeout OAUTH2_JWT_VERIFIER_JWKS_TIMEOUT JWKS timeout call
izanami.oauth2.mtls.enabled OAUTH2_MTLS_ENABLED Enable mtls authentication
izanami.oauth2.mtls.ssl-config.trustManager.stores.0.path OAUTH2_TRUSTSTORE_PATH Path to store
izanami.oauth2.mtls.ssl-config.trustManager.stores.0.type OAUTH2_TRUSTSTORE_TYPE Type of the store PEM, JKS, PKCS12
izanami.oauth2.mtls.ssl-config.trustManager.stores.0.password OAUTH2_TRUSTSTORE_PASSWORD The password
izanami.oauth2.mtls.ssl-config.keyManager.stores.0.path OAUTH2_KEYSTORE_PATH Path to store
izanami.oauth2.mtls.ssl-config.keyManager.stores.0.type OAUTH2_KEYSTORE_TYPE Type of the store PEM, JKS, PKCS12
izanami.oauth2.mtls.ssl-config.keyManager.stores.0.password OAUTH2_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD The password

You can find more option about the ssl-config part on this link:

The source code for this page can be found here.