Izanami is a shared configuration, feature flipping and A/B testing service written in scala and developed by the MAIF OSS team.

Izanami is perfectly well suited for micro services environments, it provides a UI to allow non-tech users to toggle features and to handle A/B testing.

You can also interact with Izanami using REST APIs from you favorite language or listen to events by registering webhook or using server sent events.

Izanami also provides first class integration : Java, Scala, Node and React and CLI clients are available to integrate Izanami with your application.

Download it :

wget --quiet 'https://github.com/MAIF/izanami/releases/latest/download/izanami.jar'

Run it (JDK 11 needed)

java -jar izanami.jar

Go to http://localhost:9000

And then log in using admin / admin123

Follow the getting started page to see more about Izanami.

The source code for this page can be found here.