Lock path

With Lock, a tree structure can be frozen. The idea is to place locks on nodes to freeze certain branches of tree and allow only the modification of nodes / leaves upstream of the locks.

When a node is locked :

  • certain features can be created upstream of the lock
  • the creation is forbidden downstream of the lock
  • the lock has no effect in another branch of tree

Lock and authorized patterns ( cf. UI guide ) does not have a same target :

  • lock : freeze a part of tree. All the features can be changed but the creation of new branch can be forbidden.
  • authorized patterns : grant permissions (CRUD) to features,


Tree mode must be used to manage locks. And only admin user can add / remove lock.


Let’s go for a schema :

This tree is a representation of 2 features :

  • a:b:c
  • a:b1

A lock is activated on the b :

  • a feature can be created from b, c, because b, c is upstream or equals of b
  • a feature can’t be created from a, because a is downstream to b
  • b can be deleted / moved
  • a lock has no effect on b1, because it’s not a same branch
The source code for this page can be found here.