Spring config

Izanami can be used as a spring config server. To define remote config you define configuration with keys like :

  • ${rootPath}:${applicatioName}:${profileName}:spring-config
  • ${rootPath}:spring-profiles:${profileName}:spring-config
  • ${rootPath}:spring-globals:spring-config

The rootPath is a namespace to group keys for an application. This namespace is used to define the uri in the spring cloud config. For example if ${rootPath} is myapp, you will have this in the bootstrap.yml :

      uri: "http://localhost:9000/api/config-server/raw/mapp"
      username: xxxx
      password: xxxx

You can now define this key in Izanami

  • mapp:application:default:spring-config: {"key.key1": "A value 1", "key.key2": "A value 2"}

And use it like this

@Value("${key.key1:Default value1}") private String key1; @Value("${key.key2}") private String key2;
The source code for this page can be found here.