As said before, Izanami provide different features :

  • API first
  • Multi data store (In Memory, Level DB, redis, elasticsearch, AWS DynamoDB)
  • Listenable events (SSE, webhooks)
  • Multi event store (In Memory, Redis, Kafka, Akka distributed pub / sub)


The data of each domains (features, configs, experiments …) are compartmentalized in buckets. Izanami can be plugged with 2 or more databases at the same time where each database store one or more bucket.

Izanami contains the following buckets :

  • features: to store features
  • configs: to store configs
  • experiments: to store A / B testing experiments
  • variant binding: to store the association between a user and an experiment’s variant
  • experiment events: to store the event about an experiment (displayed, won)
  • global scripts: to store script used by features
  • api keys: to store api keys
  • web hooks: to store registered webhook
  • users: to store users

You can see how to configure buckets on the settings page.

The source code for this page can be found here.