About Izanami

At the beginning of 2016, we had the need to create a new environment to be able to create new “digital” products very quickly in an agile fashion at MAIF. Every team should have the opportunity to build application as they need with a lot of flexibility in terms of language, framework, protocols, architecture …

Our team was in charge to bring tools and we knew that one game changer in term of flexibility is the ability to activate or deactivate a feature, switch a configuration quickly and even measure the impact of a feature for the end users.

As every team could use their own language, framework or whatever, we needed a solution that could work with every technology. We’ve tried existing product but we found nothing that satisfied our needs :

  • Technology agnostic: HTTP seams to be the best solution here
  • API first: the UI is just client of the API
  • Tracability: the platform should publish event listenable by the clients

And here comes Izanami, our feature flipping, shared configuration and A/B testing platform.

Izanami is the japanese goddess of creation and death. She decides if you deserve to live, or to die.

Now you have the power to kill features or bring back them to life.

The source code for this page can be found here.